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Compartimiento para almacenamiento de llave. Reset Lever. Levier de reenclenchement. Palanca de reposicion. Instructions: Opening the key storage compartment door. 1. Open shutter door to reveal the dials and the release button. 2. Rotate dials to the current combination. (if the lock is new, the combination is set.
19 Feb 2014
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Large key lock box Select Access® - wall mount. Model No. 5412EURD The Master Lock No. 5412EURD Select Access® Key Lock Box features a 95mm wide metal body for durability and accepts multiple house keys and access cards. Stop hiding your keys under the Manuals & Downloads. 5412EURD Instructions
Instructions: Opening the Select Access door. 1. Locate concealed preset combination positioned behind the product. 2. Open protective cover to reveal the Scramble combination dials to lock the door to conceal your combination (A). 9. Place metal mounting plate in Key Lock Box with mounting plate inside up to holes.
12 Jan 2009
19 Aug 2014
4 Jul 2017 Master Lock's new Bluetooth key box is the modern, safer alternative to leaving your keys under the doormat.
Video Transcription. Introducing the Master 5401 Key Storage Box. This simple-to-use unit is ideal for the storage of a small number of keys, and is operated via a 4- digit combination lock. The Master 5401 comes factory-set to 0000. To change the code, input your 0000 and open the unit up. To change the combination,