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From what I can tell, they designed the encounter so you never have 3 klaxxi up with major tank incapacitations (at least in spawn order, you could end up with it Anyone know the order for paragons for this week? Oct. 1 Another couples of weeks and I might be familiar enough, just in time for heroic lol.
Our suggested kill order is as below: Skeer (the Bloodseeker) Rik'kal (the Dissector) Korven (the Prime) Hisek (the Swarmkeeper. Xaril (the Poisoned Mind) Kaz'tik (the Manipulator) Ka'roz (the Locust) Kil'ruk (the Wind-Reaver)
31 Oct 2013
30 Dec 2014

Three Klaxxi Paragons join the fight at the beginning of the encounter, while the remaining six observe the action from perches above. Each time a Klaxxi Paragon is defeated, any other active Paragons heal to full and the next Klaxxi Paragon leaps down to join the fight. The encounter ends when all nine have been
For Heroic our strat is a bit different. Start on Rikkal until bloods spawn, then switch and kill Skeer. Let Rikkal go to 4th mutate then kill him. Ranged on Hisek, Melee on Korven. Range takes Hisek to <50% and then we switch and kill korven. Kill Hisek. Kill Xaril. Kill Iyyokuk. Kill Kaztik. Kill Kilruk. Kill Karoz.
10 Apr 2014
25 Nov 2013
9 Dec 2016 After mopping up the August Celestials on the Timeless Isle and “freeing” the Fallen Golden Lotus Protectors from their eternal torment, our intrepid heroes soon come upon the Klaxxi Paragons. Go figure. In any case, players who have achieved Exalted with the Klaxxi faction and paid close attention during