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5.0 Templaring (Aion). Mekmek's first impressions: Vision Stigmas Require 6 stigma combination to open each. Cool concept, by the sounds of it anyway, not sure what exactly this means but if it means I need 6 stigma's to get 1 of these skills would force us into a particular skill would mean more specialized stigma builds,
English (UK). ??? · ???? · ???? · ??? · Русский · English (US) · Deutsch · Francais · Espanol · Italiano · Polski · Turkce. 5.0. 4.8 · 4.9. Stigma Calculator. Gladiator. Templar; Chanter; Cleric; Assassin; Ranger; Spiritmaster; Sorcerer; Songweaver; Gunslinger; Aethertech. deletes all items. Share : Stigma Vision.
Hi, 65 temp here and like in title i'm searching for templar stuff like Stigma guide, gear guide, how to pvp/pve, advantages, disadvantages, skill rotation, general tips etc. because i started back in aion after very long time. Based on actual and upcoming content (5.0, 5.3). so if anyone have some of that stuff,
All rights reserved. The Unofficial Aion Templar Guide target towards the templar, and if he is in a group, towards the waiting hands of his party members. They'll also gain more enmity boosting skills through stigma stones (best example would be. Inescapable Judgement) or skill manuals. Templars deliberately raise the
31 Oct 2015 If you have questions, feel free to ask, it is what the Templar community is here for. By now at least most semi-seasoned Templars have an idea on their stigmas builds. It's not a new thing anymore but there are still people left wondering on what they can do to optimize stigma builds. I've constructed a small
27 Jun 2016
v • eSkill listsBy class Primary Warrior • Scout • Mage • PriestSecondary Templar • Gladiator •
15 Jun 2016
8 Aug 2017 Purpose of this thread: sharing stigma builds for different classes, and hopefully explaining their purpose to those new to Aion (or returning from a l
Hi. I'm a returning player. Can someone tell me what is the current optimal PvE Templar Stigma build? I'm currently Level. 56 and have zero desire to PvP at all. Focused on PvE all the way to end game. Thank you in advance for any and all advice!